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Vibrating screen parameter table

2023-05-09 Xinhai (230)

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Vibrating screens are used to separate materials according to their size, shape, and composition. The performance of a vibrating screen is determined by various parameters such as amplitude, frequency, vibration direction angle, screen inclination angle, and mesh size. The following is a brief overview of the parameter table for vibrating screens.

  1. Amplitude: Amplitude is the measure of the maximum displacement of the vibrating screen's vibrating body. It is the distance between the highest and lowest point of the vibration motion.

  2. Frequency: Frequency is the number of times per second the vibrating screen's vibrating body completes one full vibration cycle. It is measured in hertz (Hz).

  3. Vibration direction angle: Vibration direction angle is the angle between the vibration direction and the horizontal plane. It affects the motion of the material on the screen surface.

  4. Screen inclination angle: Screen inclination angle is the angle between the screen surface and the horizontal plane. It affects the material's movement on the screen surface and the screening efficiency.

  5. Mesh size: Mesh size refers to the number of openings per linear inch or millimeter of the screen surface. The mesh size affects the screening efficiency and the size of the material that passes through the screen.

  6. Material characteristics: The characteristics of the material being screened, such as particle size, shape, and composition, also affect the performance of the vibrating screen.

  7. Screening area: The screening area is the area of the screen surface available for screening. The larger the screening area, the higher the screening efficiency.

  8. Deck configuration: The deck configuration refers to the number and arrangement of screen layers. Multiple deck configurations can improve the screening efficiency by allowing different size fractions to be screened simultaneously.

  9. Motor power: The motor power of the vibrating screen is determined by the size and weight of the vibrating body, the amplitude, and the frequency.

In conclusion, the parameters of a vibrating screen are crucial in determining its performance, efficiency, and effectiveness. The selection of the appropriate parameters for a specific application is essential for achieving the desired screening results. A comprehensive understanding of these parameters can help in optimizing the screening process and improving overall productivity.

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