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The picture of tailings dry discharge process

2023-05-15 Xinhai (284)

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Tailings dry discharge is a new process for tailings disposal that has emerged in recent years. The process is characterized by a low water content of the final tailings, which reduces the environmental pollution caused by the traditional tailings pond. The tailings dry discharge process mainly includes three steps: concentration, dehydration, and transportation.

The picture of the tailings dry discharge process typically shows a series of equipment and machines. The first step is the concentration of the tailings, where the tailings are sent to the concentrator to separate the useful minerals from the tailings. The concentrated minerals are then sent to the next step, while the tailings are sent to the filter press for dehydration.

In the second step, the tailings are filtered and dehydrated. The tailings are first sent to the thickener to increase the concentration of solids, and then sent to the filter press for dewatering. The filter press is a key piece of equipment in the process, as it uses pressure to force the water out of the tailings. The dry tailings are then transported to the final step.

The final step is the transportation of the dry tailings to the designated storage area. The dry tailings are transported by conveyor belt or truck to the tailings dry stacking area. The stacked tailings can be further utilized for backfilling or land reclamation, reducing the impact on the environment.

Overall, the picture of the tailings dry discharge process shows a streamlined and efficient process for tailings disposal. The process reduces the use of water, lowers the environmental impact, and improves the utilization of resources. The equipment and machines involved in the process are designed with advanced technology and high efficiency, ensuring that the process is safe and reliable.