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Research on hematite separation methods

2024-01-12 Xinhai (200)

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China is one of the world's largest consumers of metal resources, especially in terms of demand for iron ore, and its gap is increasing year by year. Although there are many reserves of rich iron ore, the grade is low, and most of the ore bodies are buried in areas with complex environments, so the development cost is extremely high. Therefore, improving the technical indicators of mineral processing and optimizing the mineral processing process have become the keys to improving the efficiency of ore utilization.

In recent years, our country's scientific researchers have made significant progress in the hematite beneficiation process through unremitting efforts. These advances are not only reflected in the updates and upgrades of mineral processing equipment, but also in the improvement of mineral processing methods and optimization of processes.

Flotation technology is an important part of my country's mineral processing technology. By adjusting the pH of the slurry, using strong alkali to adjust the pH value of the slurry to above 9, and using fatty acid anions as collectors, the flotation efficiency is improved and the cost is reduced. .

In the magnetic separation-reverse flotation process, the pH of the slurry is controlled in a neutral range of about 7 by using dodecaamine cationic collector, ensuring the accuracy of magnetic separation. Practice has proven that when dodecaamine cations are collected, the iron concentrate grade can reach over 70%. The application of this process provides a new solution for the beneficiation of hematite in my country.

After coarse grinding and high-intensity magnetic separation of the hematite, the gangue minerals such as coarse-grained monomeric silica and easily altered chlorite are selected, and then finely ground and flotated. This magnetic separation-flotation process achieves effective utilization of resources and improvement of benefits.

For certain types of hematite, such as vertical needle hematite, the roasting-magnetic separation process becomes an effective treatment method. Heating and roasting causes a reduction reaction to generate magnetite, and finally the magnetite is refined to obtain iron concentrate. The optimization of this process not only simplifies the mineral processing process, but also improves the mineral processing accuracy and economic benefits.

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