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How to choose chromite, what are the process equipment?

2022-11-17 Xinhai (298)

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1. Chromium ore beneficiation equipment

01. Gravity separation chrome ore beneficiation equipment

The embedded particle size of chromium ore in the ore is generally coarse, and there is a large difference in specific gravity between ferrochrome and waste rock, which meets the two major indicators of gravity separation method, so gravity separation method is the main method for chrome ore beneficiation .

The chrome ore beneficiation equipment mainly includes jigs, shaking tables and so on. The jigging machine has large processing capacity, good beneficiation effect, small floor space, energy saving and high yield; in contrast, the shaker covers a large area, and the processing capacity of a single device is small. Complete the chrome ore beneficiation operation alone.


02. Magnetic separation chrome ore beneficiation equipment

In addition to using shaking table and jig re-election, chromium ore is re-eluted by weak or strong magnetic separation to further improve the grade of chrome concentrate.

The magnetic separation process of chrome ore is relatively simple, and it can enter the separation process after simple crushing and grinding. decline.

Therefore, the chromium ore beneficiation equipment using magnetic separation mainly includes jaw crusher, rod mill, classifier, high-strength magnetic separator, thickener and dryer, etc. The unit is composed of a complete set of chrome ore beneficiation equipment.

2. Chromium ore beneficiation process

01. What are the beneficiation processes of chrome ore?

Use strong magnetic separation to first enrich chromite, and then adopt gravity separation method to further refine; The joint processing flow of the above methods.

02. Chromium ore beneficiation process

The chromium ore fine material that has been crushed to a reasonable fineness is cleaned and classified by the screw classifier with the help of the different specific gravity of the solid particles and the different sedimentation speed in the liquid. The materials are then washed with a jig and shaker, transported to the spiral chute to separate the fine-grained ore powder, and then sent to the magnetic separator for magnetic separation after screening. The separated chromium concentrate is dehydrated by the thickener and continues Send it to the dryer to dry to get the dry concentrate that can be used

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