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Photo of Dirac Twidwell

Dirac Twidwell, Ph.D.

Twidwell is an associate professor at the Univesity of Nebraska-Lincoln working on an NSF grant with the FEWSTERN project.


      • Associate Professor


      • University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Research Interests:

  • Social-ecological resilience to extreme disturbance (e.g. fire) and climatic events
  • Resilience, hysteresis, and thresholds in alternative states and their applications in ecosystem management
  • Trade-offs of changing land use and disturbance regimes in coupled human-natural systems
  • Forecasting threats to biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Disaster avoidance and wildfire management at the rangeland-urban interface
  • Integration of science in natural resource policy and management

Recent Publications:

Twidwell, D., W.E. Rogers, C.L. Wonkka, C.A. Taylor, Jr., U.P. Kreuter. 2016. Extreme prescribed fire during drought reduces survival and density of woody resprouters. Journal of Applied Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.12674

Breshears, D.D., A.K. Knapp, D.J. Law, M.D. Smith, D. Twidwell, C.L. Wonkka. Rangeland responses to predicted increases in drought extremity. Rangelands [Invited submission] Accepted.

Krueger, E., T. Ocshner, D.M. Engle, J.D. Carlson, D. Twidwell, S.D. Fuhlendorf. Concurrent and antecedent soil moisture relate positively or negatively to probability of large wildfires depending on season. International Journal of Wildland Fire. DOI: 10.1071/WF15104


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