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Craig Allen looking into distance

Craig Allen, Ph.D.

Dr. Craig Allen is the leader of the U.S. Geo logical Survey - Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit.


  • Resilience Scientist
  • Director for the Center for Resilience in Working Agricultural Landscapes (RWAL)



  • U.S. Geological Survey, Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit
  • Water for Food Global Institute


Dr. Craig Allen is the leader of the U.S. Geological Survey – Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit. After graduating and obtaining a BS from the University of Wisconsin in 1989, Allen earned his Masters at Texas Tech University, and later a Ph.D. at the University of Florida. Prior to working for UNL, Allen held assistant leader (1998-2001) and leader (2002-2004) positions at South Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit at Clemson University. He also worked as a faculty member of the University of Florida’s zoology department.

Over the years, Allen has partaken in a plethora of research. One notable project being his work with the National Science Foundation in creating the National Science Foundation Traineeship Program (NRT).

Relevant Publications:

Haigh, T. R., Schacht, W., Knutson, C. L., Smart, A. J., Volesky, J., Allen, C., … & Burbach, M. (2019). Socioecological Determinants of Drought Impacts and Coping Strategies for Ranching Operations in the Great Plains. Rangeland Ecology & Management.

Magnuszewski, P., Krolikowska, K., Koch, A., Pająk, M., Allen, C., Chraibi, V., … & Pan, D. (2018). Exploring the role of relational practices in water governance using a game-based approach. Water, 10(3), 346.

Contact Info:

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