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Picture of Chris Funk

Chris Funk, Ph.D.

Chris Funk's research is at the interface of evolution, ecology, genomics, and conservation by investigating evolutionary and ecological mechanisms.


      • Director of the Global Biodiversity Center, SoGES
      • Professor in the Department of Biology


      • Colorado State University


My research is at the interface of evolution, ecology, genomics, and conservation. In the most general sense, I investigate the evolutionary and ecological mechanisms that generate and maintain biodiversity by combining population genomics, experimental manipulations, and field studies. Much of my current research focuses on interactions between gene flow and local adaptation.

In addition to my interest in basic questions in evolutionary ecology, an important part of my research program applies population genetic concepts and new genomic tools to address conservation questions. Population genetics and genomics are invaluable in conservation and management for the delineation of conservation units, determining patterns of genetic connectivity across landscapes, and assessing the status and viability of threatened species. A major focus of my research program is the application of population genetics and genomics to address critical questions for biodiversity conservation.


Funk W.C., Zamudio K.R., Crawford A.J. (2018) Advancing Understanding of Amphibian Evolution, Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation with Massively Parallel Sequencing. In: . Population Genomics. Springer, Cham.

Funk, W.C., Forester, B.R., Converse, S.J. et al. Conserv Genet (2019) 20: 115.

Poff NL, Larson EI, Salerno PE, Morton SG, Kondratieff BC, Flecker AS, Zamudio KR, Funk WC. “Extreme streams: Species persistence mechanisms and evolutionary change in montane stream insect populations across a flood disturbance gradient.” Ecology Letters 21:425-525, 2018.




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