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Sebastian Elbaum, Ph.D.

My teaching focuses on instilling cost-effective software development principles.


      • Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department


      • University of Nebraska – Lincoln
      • University of Virginia


My research aims to improve system dependability through testing, monitoring, and analysis. My teaching focuses on instilling cost-effective software development principles. I am the recipient of an NSF Career Award, an IBM Innovation Award, a Google Faculty Research Award, 5 ACM SigSoft Distinguished Paper Awards (FSE2006, ICSE2008, ICSE2012, ISSTA2013, ICSE2016) mostly for empirically studying program analysis and software testing challenges, and developing automated techniques for addressing them. I am also the recipient of an UNL Award for Excellence in Graduate Education, and more recently of a Bessey Professorship . My current development and analysis work is focused on robotic systems, more specifically UAS.

I served as Program Co-Chair of the 2015 International Conference on Software Engineering , Program Chair for the 2007 International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis, Program Co-Chair for the 2008 Empirical Software Engineering Symposium, Co-Editor for the Information and Software Technology Journal, and as Associate Editor of the ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodologies Journal. I am the Steering Committee Chair for ICSE.

I am a proud co-founder of two strong labs at UNL: the E2 Software Engineering Lab founded in 2004, and the NIMBUS Lab (also known as the UAV Lab) founded in 2011. I also co-founded the EUSES Consortium to support end user programmers.

Recent Publications:

Wei Sun, Lisong Xu, Sebastian G. Elbaum, Di Zhao: Model-Agnostic and Efficient Exploration of Numerical State Space of Real-World TCP Congestion Control Implementations. NSDI , 719-734, 2019.

John-Paul Ore, Sebastian G. Elbaum, Carrick Detweiler, Lambros Karkazis. Assessing the type annotation burden. Proceedings of the 33rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, ASE , 2018.

Brittany A. Duncan, Evan Beachly, Alisha Bevins, Sebastian G. Elbaum, Carrick Detweiler. Investigation of Communicative Flight Paths for Small Unmanned AerialSystems . 2018 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA , 2018.

Evan Beachly, Carrick Detweiler, Sebastian G. Elbaum, Brittany A. Duncan, Carl Hildebrandt, Dirac Twidwell, Craig Allen, Fire-Aware Planning of Aerial Trajectories and Ignitions. IROS, 685-692, 2018.

Sayali Kate, John-Paul Ore, Xiangyu Zhang, Sebastian G. Elbaum, Zhaogui Xu. Phys: probabilistic physical unit assignment and inconsistency detection. Proceedings of the 2018 ACM Joint Meeting on European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering,ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2018, 2018.


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