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Headshot of Rabi Mohtar

Rabi Mohtar, Ph.D.

Dr. Rabi Mohtar is a TEES Research Professor at Texas AM University, College Station, Texas.


  • TEES Research Professor


  • Texas A&M University


Dr. Rabi Mohtar is a TEES Research Professor at Texas AM University, College Station, Texas. He is the Founding Director of Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute(QEERI) a member of Qatar Foundation, Research and Development and the Founding Director Strategic Projects at Qatar Foundation Research and Development. He was also the inaugural Director of the Global Engineering Programs at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.

His primary research priority is the development of a framework to quantify the interlinkages of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus that is constrained by climate change and social, political, and technological pressures. In addition, he aims to continue the discovery and impact in environmental and natural resources conservation engineering, characterization of the soil water medium at the pedon, field, and watershed scales; and design and evaluation of international sustainable water management programs to deal with water scarcity.

Relevant Publications:

Darwish, M., Hassan, A., & Mohtar, R. (2013). Toward Implementing HH the Amir Declaration of 2% Electricity Generation by Solar Energy in 2020. Energy and Power Engineering, 5(3), 245–258. 

Darwish, M., & Mohtar, R. (2013). Prime Energy Challenges for Operating Power Plants in the GCC. Energy and Power Engineering, 5(1), 109–128. 

Darwish, M., Mohtar, R., Elgendy, Y., & Chmeissani, M. (2012). Desalting seawater in Qatar by renewable energy: a feasibility study. Desalination and Water Treatment, 47(1–3), 279–294. 

Darwish, M. A., & Mohtar, R. (2012). Qatar water challenges. Desalination and Water Treatment, 51(1–3), 75–86. 

Abou Najm, M., Jesiek, J., Mohtar, R. H., Lura, P., & Sant, G. (2012). Assessing the role of the pore solution concentration on horizontal deformations in an unsaturated soil specimen during drying. Geoderma, 187–188, 31–40.

Contact Info:
(979) 458-9886

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