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Headshot of Mingzhou Jin

Mingzhou Jin, Ph.D.


  • Director of the Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment
  • Professor and Associate Department Head, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Director of the Logistics, Transportation, and Supply Chain Management Lab
  • Director of the Reliability and Maintainability Engineering Program


  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Dr. Jin and his research group use data analytics and optimization to solve large-scaled problems in transportation and logistics, climate change, energy efficiency, and manufacturing. Various models and algorithms have been developed to solve routing problems in large transportation networks involving multiple transportation modes and logistics problems faced by major companies. The detection and attribution method has been applied to answer several climate change research questions, such as river run-off and vegetation, based on global observation data and simulation results from ORNL. Various data have been collected and analyzed for improving energy efficiency for conventional and advanced manufacturing. Advanced data analytics tools, such as classification, machine learning and stochastic optimization, are under development to deal with quality and business issues of additive manufacturing.

Recent Publications:

Mao, J., Ribes, A., Yan, B., Shi, X., Thornton, P. E., Séférian, R., … Lian, X. (2016). Human-induced greening of the northern extratropical land surface. Nature Climate Change, 6(10), 959–963. 

Jin, M., Tang, R., Ji, Y., Liu, F., Gao, L., & Huisingh, D. (2017). Impact of advanced manufacturing on sustainability: An overview of the special volume on advanced manufacturing for sustainability and low fossil carbon emissions. Journal of Cleaner Production, 161, 69–74. 

Zhong, Q., Tang, R., Lv, J., Jia, S., & Jin, M. (2015). Evaluation on models of calculating energy consumption in metal cutting processes: a case of external turning process. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 82(9–12), 2087–2099. 

He, K., Tang, R., & Jin, M. (2017). Pareto fronts of machining parameters for trade-off among energy consumption, cutting force and processing time. International Journal of Production Economics, 185, 113–127. 

Jin, M., Tang, R., & Huisingh, D. (2015). Call for papers for a special volume on Advanced Manufacturing for Sustainability and Low Fossil Carbon Emissions. Journal of Cleaner Production, 87, 7–10.

Contact Info:


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