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Abraham Noe-Hays

Abraham Noe-Hays is currently a Co-Principal Investigator for an NSF grant award and is also a co-founder of the Rich Earth Institute.


      • Co-Founder / Research Director


      • Rich Earth Institute


Abraham Noe-Hays has been working with dry sanitation systems since 1990. He holds a B.A. in Human Ecology with concentrations in agroecology and compost science from the College of the Atlantic, where his interest in recycling human manure led to an internship at Woods End Research Laboratory and his thesis project, “An Experiment in Thermophilic Composting.” He has operated Full Circle Compost Consulting since 2001, providing complete design, manufacture, and maintenance services to individuals and institutions with dry toilet systems. He is also the eco-sanitation expert for Sustainable Harvest International, which he has helped to initiate urine-diversion projects in Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, and Belize. In addition to hands-on dry sanitation work, Abraham gives lectures and leads workshops at conferences and schools, and writes articles on the topic.

Abraham is currently a Co-Principal Investigator for the NSF grant award: Advancing Technologies and Improving Communication of Urine-Derived Fertilizers for Food Production within a Risk-Based Framework.

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