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Photo of David Genereux

David Genereux, Ph.D.

My research focuses on hydrogeology and the coupled fluxes of water and chemicals at the interface between groundwater and surface water, including agricultural nutrients, VOCs, and more recently GenX and related PFAS.

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Photo of Gordon Grant with a stream flowing behind him

Gordon Grant, Ph.D.

Gordon Grant is a Research Hydrologist with the USDA Forest Service at the Pacific Northwest Research Station in Corvallis, Oregon, USA, and also Courtesy Professor in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University.

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Headshot of Albert J Valocchi

Albert Valocchi, Ph.D.

Dr. Valocchi’s research focuses upon mathematical modeling of pollutant fate and transport in porous media, with applications to groundwater contamination and remediation.

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Picture of Chris Funk

Chris Funk, Ph.D.

Chris Funk’s research is at the interface of evolution, ecology, genomics, and conservation by investigating evolutionary and ecological mechanisms.

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Picture of Researcher Roni Neff

Roni A. Neff, Ph.D.

My research focuses on understanding and changing food systems, particularly addressing food system intersections with climate change and food system inequities.

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Picture of researcher Benjamin Hobbs

Benjamin Hobbs, Ph.D.

Benjamin F. Hobbs uses systems analysis and economics to improve electric utility planning, operations and policy, as well as management of environmental and water resources systems.

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Krajewski portrait

Witold Krajewski, Ph.D

Dr. Witold F. Krajewski is the Rose & Joseph Summers Chair of Water Resources Engineering at the University of Iowa. In 2012, Dr. Krajewski was Chair of the Board of Directors of the CUAHSI.

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Vanbriesen portrait

Jeanne VanBriesen, Ph.D

Dr. VanBriesen is currently serving on the U.S. EPA Science Advisory Board and as Chair Elect on the Board for the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Sciences (CUAHSI).

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