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Less Beef in School Lunches is One Way to Reduce Water Waste

Beef consumption is one of the leading causes of the worldwide water crisis. 660 gallons of water are used to produce a single hamburger.


  • Michael Stahl


  • June 4, 2019 by The Weather Channel

Michael Stahl sheds light on how red meat consumption and production contributes to rising water scarcity problems. According to a study released in 2019 by American and European researchers, similar worldwide dietary trends, along with continued population growth, are expected to “reduce the stability of the Earth system” over the course of the next 30 years. This projected instability includes a massive strain on the world’s water supply. In response to this, Stahl showcases the San Francisco Unified School District that is making strides in reducing the amount of meat included in school lunches.

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Stahl, Michael. “Less Beef in School Lunches is One Way to Reduce Water Waste.” The Weather Channel, 4 June 2019.