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Interest Builds In Giving Farmers Credit For Growing Green

Like all business owners, farmers want to get paid for their work. Sometimes, that work creates problems for the environment, so regulators are advancing the idea of creating environmental markets to allow farmers to make money off of their conservation practices.


  • Grant Gerlock


  • Oct. 16, 2015 by NPR

In order to promote more sustainable farming, you have to get famers on board. Farmers are running a business, so if implementing more sustainable practices harms their bottom line the chances of them doing it are slim. Many are advocating for the growth in the environmental market that will give farmers money for conserving energy, water or protecting ecosystems. Grant Gerlock reports, “A handful of these markets are already up and running. For example, in Oregon, farmers are earning money by planting trees along a salmon stream to keep the water cool. In California, power plants are under orders to cut carbon emissions. They’re trading offsets with rice farmers who have changed their cropping practices to cut methane emissions.”

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Citation: Gerlock, Grant. “Interest Builds in Giving Farmers Credit for Growing Green.” National Public Radio. Oct. 16. 2015.