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Category: Food

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Probabilistic estimates of drought impacts on agricultural production: Drought Impacts on Agriculture

Increases in the severity and frequency of drought in a warming climate may negatively impact agricultural production and food security. Unlike previous studies that have estimated agricultural impacts of climate condition using single‐crop yield distributions, we develop a multivariate probabilistic model that uses projected climatic conditions (e.g., precipitation amount or soil moisture) throughout a growing season to estimate the probability distribution of crop yields.

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Interannual county-level climate-yield relationships for winter wheat on the Columbia Plateau, USA

Climate–yield relationships for winter wheat were examined across primarily dryland agricultural systems for counties in the Columbia Plateau of the northwestern USA from 1980 to 2014. Interannual linear climate–yield relationships were assessed at subregional scales with climate variables of energy and moisture using temperature, precipitation, heat stress, and water balance metrics for varying wheat phenostages.

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Betsy Bower advising a farmer in Indiana on his crops

Food Companies’ Sustainability Goals Hinge on Soil Health

This is the third season that Bowers has clients a part of a sustainable agriculture program. Company-linked agriculture sustainability programs have been sprouting up over the past few years, mainly in the US but also in Europe and China. Food brands such as Campbell, Kellogg, General Mills, and Mars Wrigley have sustainability targets and are using the initiatives to meet them.

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